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  • Award winning design
  • Ten channels
  • Date, time and function pre-set
  • Ten individually programmable channels for ten seperate radio receivers, motors or receiver groups
  • Astro function
  • Holiday function
  • Switching times not lost when battery changed
  • Slide switch for easy changing between manual and automatic mode for individual channels or all channels simultaneously
  • Wall holster
  • Rear labelling panel
  • Single, group and central control
Technical data
Colour White/ Black
Rated voltage 3V dc
Battery type LR03 (AAA)
Degree of protection IP 20
Temperature rating -10 to +55C
Radio frequency 868.3 Mhz
Type of mounting Hand held

  • Ten channels - With LCD display
  • Timer control - Easy programming, menu driven with LCD feedback
  • Preset date, time and switching function
  • Individual switching function - Each channel can be set with its own switching time
  • Astro function - The device knows when the sun rises and sets for a given location (saves readjusting the switching times)
  • Holiday function - Your property looks occupied by randomly changing the open and close times
  • Automatic summer / winter time adjustment
  • Slide switch - switch allows easy selection of operating mode for all channels or individual channels
  • Wall mounted holster - Simple to mount
  • 2 freely selectable intermediate positions can be programmed
  • Single, group and central control - Offering the ultimate flexibility
  • Comes complete with wall fixings
  • Download TC4410-II Instructions (PDF)
Item number Name Colour
4034 000 206 0 TC445-II White
4034 000 206 1 TC445-II Black

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 October, 2011.