58mm Awning Motor
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58mm Awning Motor
58mm Awning Motor
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  • Quiet smooth operation
  • Integrated radio receiver
  • Easy setting of limits from the remote
  • 2 freely selectable intermediate limits can be set
  • Universal use with or without stops
  • Automatic curtain length adjustment
  • Blockage detection in the UPdirection
  • Soft upper stop
  • Single and group command possible with up to 16 transmitters
  • C-Plug connection
Technical data
Driving torque 44-120Nm
Output speed 11rpm (14rpm L44, 17rpm L50/70)
Limit switch range


Nominal voltage 230V
Type of operation S2 4Min
Protection rating IP44
Connection cable C-Plug

Integrated 868.3 Mhz radio receiver - Compatable withtheCentronic range

Single andgroup control permissable - Each motor will accept up to 16 transmitters

Flexible - Motors can be swapped from different transmitters without the need for re-wiring

Suitable for left and right hand installation - No extra storage space required due to different types of drives

Blockage detection - In the UP direction

Soft upper stop - Optimium adaptation of closing force for cloth protection

Automatic curtain length adjustment

Overheat protection for the motor - In the event of overheating, the temeperature sensor will automatically switch off the motor to prevent damage

Easy setting of final positions - Can be done via the transmitter

Can be combined with many Beckerbrackets - Adaptable to multiple applications

Fabric can be wound up around the motor head - Suitable for applications with limited space

Item number Name Nominal
Power con-
2044 130 102 0 L44/14C PSF 1.20 255
2050 130 145 0 L50/17C PSF 1.40 315
2060 130 102 0 L60/11C PSF 1.20 265
2070 130 102 0 L70/17C PSF 1.90 430
2080 130 128 0 L80/11C PSF 1.40 310
2120 130 102 0 L120/11C PSF 1.90 435

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